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Showing 17 Designs
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Extensive collection of Tanmaniyas at Dinoor

While mangalsutras are the sacred bond between the husband and wife, tanmaniya is the beautiful extension of this sacred tie. Tanmaniya is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that any married women would love to adorn. It is a type of a pendant which strung across with an elegant gold chain. In the market, you can find an amazing collection of tanmaniya pendants which you can gift to the special lady in your life as your token of love. It usually resembles mangalsutras, however, it not connected to the beaded threads and can be worn with different chains.

Tanmaniya is a beautiful accessory that will enhance your look and add the wow factor to your simple dress. Without a doubt, tanmaniya pendants are one accessory that can be worn with any attire. Even for working women tanmaniya pendants with a simple gold chain would be just fine and will become part of the whole look. The best part is that it is not too much jewellery or heavy in weight. Hence, you can carry with your simple dress. This beautiful accessory is enough to replace your heavy necklaces. Since it is so easy to wear, you can pull it off with your casual garments also.

Different types of Tanmaniyas

Especially worn by married women, the tanmaniya pendant is an accessory that will suit your enchanting personality and will give extra marks to your look. You can choose from different types of tanmaniyas which are as follows:

Diamond Tanmaniya

Studded with beautiful and lustrous diamonds, a diamond tanmaniya would be an excellent choice of accessory if you don't want to wear any heavy jewellery. On special occasions like parties or weddings, you can wear a diamond tanmaniya with intricate designing and exquisite motifs. By wearing a stunning diamond tanmaniya would get you enough attention and compliments from everyone around you.

Gemstone Tanmaniya

You can even try gemstone tanmaniya if you love to experiment with your looks. Studded with colourful gemstones like emerald, pearl or garnet, a gemstone tanmaniya will not old add the colour to your entire look but will provide you with the right amount of richness to your personality. According to your need, you can choose to wear tanmaniya with single gemstone or studded with multiple colour gemstones.

Gold tanmaniya

Entirely made of gold, a beautiful gold tanmaniya is an excellent accessory to add the touch of auspicious colour of gold to your simple dress. Designed with leaves and floral patterns will look stunning with a white collared shirt or deep neck blouse. A simple tanmaniya pendant without another neckpiece would be enough to set you apart from the rest.

Tanmaniya set

You can also create a tanmaniya set by teaming up with a beautiful pair of earrings and rings. A diamond tanmaniya adorn with a heavy pair of diamond or Kundan earrings will give your look sparkle and lustre. You can even wear tanmaniya with simple diamond studded earrings.

Buy diamond tanmaniya at Dianoor

If you want to buy beautiful tanmaniya pendants, then there is no better place other than Dianoor. Offering exclusive designs of tanmaniyas, you can choose from a wide range of jewellery collection. You can avail various discounts along with 30-day return policy. We don't even take making charges and hence, help you to save a lot while buying jewellery. Apart from pretty tanmaniya, you can also buy necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Now you can buy beautiful jewellery to gifts your loved ones within your limited budget. For your convenient shopping experience, we have multiple and secure payment options.
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