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Showing 535 Designs
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Glam up your daily wear with statement rings

Perhaps, one ornament that everyone loves to wear has to be a ring. From young girls to older adults, everyone wears rings. Due to different reasons, a ring has always been an essential part of women's life. Rings have its own significance and symbolism in almost every religion. Different stones and gems are engraved to various metal rings mostly - gold, silver, platinum and worn by both males and females. While each stone signifies different meanings and benefits, metal is as important as the gems. However, beyond its religious and energy benefits, rings are jewels that can define your taste and personality. It has evolved as one crucial fashion statement over the centuries. There are plethora of categories of rings including classic rings, casual rings, engagement rings, cocktail rings, couple bands, bands, heart-shaped and what not.

Significance of rings in Diverse culture

However, in Indian culture, rings are of great importance. In traditional marriages, exchanging ring between groom and bride signifies their love bond and commitment to each other as husband and wife. It is believed in Hindu culture, ring is a sign of their marital relationship which has to remain intact in their each birth. In western culture too, exchanging simple gold or platinum bands depicts their vow to each other. The circular shape of wedding ring symbolizes infinity, eternal love. One can witness the trend of couple bands which is a token of promise. It is a new age promise ring which is their way to commit to each other, and it also indicates the signs that in the future, they will get married.

Astrology and Rings

Even in astrology rings with specific gemstones can play a crucial role in changing the planetary energies in one's life. Henceforth, wearing gemstones rings can give bigger opportunities and positive attitude towards the life's difficult situations. If an individual is dealing with anger issue or uncontrollable energies, gemstone rings can help in consuming the lights or energies that need to be channelized. However, in this modern society, everyone is trying to catching up with latest trends. Customer demands gemstone engraved rings with new-age modern designs will compliment their lifestyle also. Gemstone rings are quite in demand for many spiritual and astrological reasons. The beauty of these rocks is enhanced by fine craftsmanship and smart cut designing.

Latest Fashion Trends

In the fashion world there is a wave of high-end and creative trends for rings. Fashionable rings for every occasion are part of the deal in the modern lifestyle. One can find rings for daily wear, party wearing rings, cocktail rings, classics and so on. The market is filled with some really beautiful and intricate designs which are inspired by both our traditional culture and modern taste. Junky jewellery is one fashion statement that has been loved by fashion enthusiasts all over the world. In minimal fashion culture, a trendy ring is one ornament that can make an impact on your fashion quotient.

Rings collection at Dianoor

Dianoor is a brand that offers you premium designs with 100 percent guarantee of purity and quality. With the fusion of tradition and modern trends, we create ring designs that compliment your personality and taste. Now you can buy 22kt gold rings with the BIS Hallmark by just one click. Dianoor is one trustworthy and reputed name in the online markets. You can easily buy rings online without any hassle from us. Our product range covers from traditional jewellery to modern designs, casual wear to party wear rings, gold rings to diamond rings. With some exclusive and creative designing, we take inspiration from everyday lifestyle and trends and aim to enhance your charisma with these little fashion ornaments. You can buy affordable jewellery online with the assurance of high-class quality. We aim to provide you with a memorable and satisfactory online buying experience.
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