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The Embellished Rings

Rings are always a perfect idea to compliment your beautiful hands. Be it any occasion, glorify your grace with the best rings out there and celebrate every moment of your beauty by owning something that makes a difference in your lifestyle. At Dianoor, we have a various range of beautiful gold and diamond rings for every age. These rings are crafted with precision and skill to form a range of classic designs. Channel your inner fashion muse with statement fashion rings, look effortlessly chic with delicate diamond rings and ooze timeless glamour with an oversized gemstone ring.

Why rings are important?

Rings are the ornaments of the hand which expresses the interests of the heart. Radiance is an incredulous selection of rings worthy to carry your very own fashion, lifelong love, and lasting devotion. The diamond is the incisive gem possessing a lot of strengths.

Diamond Rings

The solitaire diamond became well known from c.1880 when the top quality has become more popular and continue to be favoured specifically for large events like betrothal or marriage. A solitaire engagement ring has constantly being adored by women all around the world.

Why are they so popular?

The solitaire stays so popular because one big stone sticks out more and the coming connection wherein two will become as one in the future. The larger the diamond the more focus it appears to get. It is grasping characteristics that power focus onto the stunning and flashing rock. There are plenty of various kinds of solitaire diamond ring cuts available for you here. Varying in their color, appearance and occasion.

Casual Rings: Dianoor provides an extravagant collection of casual rings for everyday casual looks. We usually look forward to owning something which is not too big or heavy to carry with our hectic daily routines which is really a tough job.

Classic Rings: Classic collection from Dianoor is not just rings but a touch of sass from different eras. With alluring designs and mesmerizing patterns we strive to make this collection the best for parties and reunions.

Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings are generally the worldly way to show your confidence and class. No matter how many parties you attend, we help you pick out the best stone for each of them with our wide collection.

Bands: A fine piece of jewellery is the one which brings a lot of stories with it. With the perfect bands from Dianoor, create your magical tales and recite them through stones on your hands.

Engagement Rings: Jewellery has the power to convey words and with our engagement rings collection, we make it easier for you to pour your heart out. Celebrate your big day with a promise of forever.

Couple Bands: How beautiful is the idea of sharing life with the one you love. We make it more beautiful by matching your bands with that of your significant others.

Why shopping for these beautiful Dianoor rings is important?

Solitaire diamonds are the real rocks and it's the most crucial gemstone today and individuals prefer to use them in their rings for their special events. Solitaire diamonds with an absolute colour is extremely rare. Therefore the round brilliant form displays the gem's distinctive characteristics. The brilliant round cut diamond will be the most chosen form.
Also, you can rest assured about worry-free payment methods. With hassle-free options such as net banking, credit card payment, debit card payment or even Cash On Delivery. We makes it easy for you to shop for your accessories from the comfort of your own home.
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