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Jewellery is nothing but a piece of art which adds more charm to your uniqueness. Jewelleries are rings which make your hands look attractive or necklaces which make your neckline look more charming. Jewelleries enhance your look, be it gold, silver, platinum or any other metal. They are part of our lives and hence it is our mere responsibility to choose the best ones. Dianoor gives you every reason why you should try jewellery from our store and come back for more.

Dianoor is one of the emerging brand of jewellery. Not just the designs but its uniqueness brings a charm to your everyday look. Various range of beautiful gold and diamond jewellery are available for every age and every style. These jewellery are crafted with precision and skill to form a range of classic designs.

Gold Jewellery - The famous saying goes, "old is gold" which clearly suggests that gold is something everybody treasures till date. Gold is as beautiful as it can get. Gold jewellery is best suited for weddings where it is not just worn but used as gifts too. We at Dianoor have gold rings, earrings, pendants etc. crafted perfectly to make your shine more golden.

Diamond Jewellery - Diamonds are forever and so are jewels from Dianoor. Eternal beauty of these carefully cut stones reflects in each accessory that we create with them. Unbreakable and super shiny stones are hard to resist and with the appealing patterns and designs of rings to nose pins we make sure you come back for more.

Solitaire Jewellery - It is the way that diamonds are cut into which makes an impression that tends to be everlasting. More the sparkle, more the impact. Mark special occasions with solitaire accessories that shine throughout your beautiful journey of life.

Gemstone Jewellery - Gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which is in cut and polished form. These semi precious stones are beautiful in colours and attract attention way better than other jewels. Gemstones are used in earrings, rings, bracelets etc. and look equally stunning in whatever form they are presented in.

Men's Jewellery - Men are stunning and so are their choices. They choose accessories which are not just unique but bold and command power. We at Dianoor have the perfect set of lockets, rings, kadas etc. for them. Celebrate a complete man with stones and solitaires from Dianoor.
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