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Nose Pins

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Showing 38 Designs
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Get your funky nose pin from Dianoor

First written record of nose piercing can be found from four thousand years old in the Middle East. However, one can witness the presence of nose ring or nose pin in the rich traditional culture of India. Now, be it Maharashtra or Rajasthan or Tamil Nadu, wearing nose ring is part of most of the cultures in India. From east to west, women of different religions love to wear this beautiful ornament with traditional clothing. Not only in India, in various tribes of Africa, there are rituals of gifting nose rings to their future wives.

A nose ring is a beautiful traditional ornament worn on the pierced nose by women. According to different cultures, size and designing of the nose ring will also differ. There are various types of nose rings available in the market. Though it is considered to be a traditional ornamental piece, in the modern times, one can find the trendy and funky style of nose pins. Not only older generation, but a young generation has own style of wearing nose rings. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful ornament that would go with your any attire.

Significance of wearing a nose pin

According to Ayurveda, it is said piercing the nose near a specific node on the nostril can helpful in lessening the pain of monthly menstruations in women. Women usually get their nose pierced on the left side as nerves leading from that side are directly associated with female reproductive organs. It also helps in ease out the process of childbirth. In many religions, wearing a nose ring is a symbol of being married across the country. Nose rings are also seen as a way to honour Goddess Parvati in Hindu culture. It is still prevalent in most of the parts of the country including both rural and urban areas.

Types of Nose pins

There are beautiful nose pins available in the market and one can choose their perfect nose pin according to their face structure and occasion.

Single stud nose pin: Though small in size, it looks most elegant and beautiful with your every attire. You can wear casual clothes as well as office clothes; it would never look too much for any day.

Hoops nose pin: There are different kinds of hoop nose pins available in the market. You can buy a beautifully beaded hoop or a half hoop nose ring usually worn by Marathis women.

Segment nose rings: One cannot say no to beautiful and comfortable segment rings. These are simple and pretty at the same time. It just adds that oomph factor and give it a grungy aspect to your modern look.

Nathanis: With your heavy party wearing lehengas or saree, a large nose ring or as it is called nathani would get you all the attention of the party. You will look gorgeous and different with just adding this delicate ornament. One can also find nathanis with embellished chains if you want to add that extra to look.

Amazing collection of nose rings at Dianoor

If you don't have the time to buy your jewellery then we have the perfect solution for you. You can choose and buy exclusive and authentic gold and diamond jewellery at Dianoor sitting right at your desk. You can select from an exclusive range of diamond nose pins and carry it with whatever garment you want. Nose rings are also an excellent and unique choice for gifting purposes. To make your shopping experience an easy one, we have multiple payment options which are highly secured. Also, we provide our customers various discounts which save you a lot of money.
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