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Showing 54 Designs
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Buy enchanting designs of mangalsutra at Dianoor

While one has to agree that everything changes after marriage, it is the sacred bond between husband and wife that helps them to survive everything together. One of the symbols of this scared bond between the couple is mangalsutra. In traditional Hindu marriages, the groom ties a sacred thread on the neck of the bride and takes her as his wedded wife. This thread is called as mangalsutra where mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread. It is traditionally worn by the married women as a mark of their marriage. Many women wear mangalsutra for the rest of their life until the death of their husband.

Mangalsutras in different cultures

Not only, it is such an important and sacred part of a married woman, it has also become an accessory to suit your every attire. In older times, mangalsutra used to be a yellow thread which is coloured using turmeric paste and tied with a pendant or tanmaniya. Later, it evolved as a single neckpiece with two black beaded threads ending with a golden cup. With different cultures the designs of mangalsutras changes and hence, the significance of the components that comprise a mangalsutra.

For instance, in southern states, it is called as Thaali, Dehjoor, Minnu or Mangalyam while in Bihar it is called as Taagpaag which is very similar to the mangalsutras worn by North Indians brides. Likewise, Marathis wear mangalsutras with a bowled-shaped Vaatis which is usually made of gold and usually are in a pair.

Symbolism of mangalsutra

Every component of a mangalsutra has some significance according to Hindu belief system. In a two threaded mangalsutra with a golden cup, black beads signify powers of Earth and Water while gold beads include energies of fire and air elements. The two black beads threads symbolize Lord Shiv and Adishakti which is believed to absorb negative energy around the newlywed couple. The gold cup placed directly over the woman's Anahata Chakra. The void in the golden cups represents draining of emotions, sentiment and negative dispositions.

Mangalsutras in Today's times

Over the years, as the fashion culture is coming up with different trends, there is an increase in the demand for creative designs for mangalsutras too. It has become a statement ornament evolving from simple gold cups to different intricate designs. Studded with different diamonds and colourful gemstones, nowadays, women don't hesitate to experiment with their mangalsutras. Along with 22k gold mangalsutras, you can also buy 18k mangalsutras made of different alloys. Not just typical leaf an flower pattern, there are mangalsutras with geometric patterns and alphabets. Even many brides are choosing mangalsutras without any gold beads having all the black beads thread.

Though one can even choose the length of the threads, however, women are more inclined to pick up shorter one over longer. In the development of the professional culture, office women are choosing sleek designs mangalsutras to meet the demands.

Dianoor - One stop station to all your jewellery needs

An online shop to buy jewellery, Dianoor, offers you some exclusive and sleek designs of mangalsutras. Inspired by our rich traditions and culture, we have a wide collection of mangalsutra having both modern and traditional touch to it. Apart from mangalsutra, we also have tanmaniya in exquisite designs at affordable prices. We don't charge making price of our jewellery occasionally and hence, saves you big on your jewellery purchase. Among various advantages of buying at Dianoor, you can avail our 30-day money back policy. So if you want to buy any kind of jewellery, you just need to come to our online store - choose, select and order and you're done!
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