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Gold Earrings Showing 85 Designs

Showing 85 Designs
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Everything You Need To Know About Gold Earrings

Gold earrings are the most appealing accessory to all the women out there. Be it small studs or heavy danglers, gold earrings always steal the show and also are the best metal to suit your delicate earlobes. Try out the floral and antique designs from this category.

Gold and precious stones provide an undeniable synergy. You simply cannot envisage one without the other. In India, particularly, this yellow metal is irreplaceable in precious jewellery. Apart from its complete inertness and resistance to tarnish and corrosion, Gold is as dear as it is because of its rarity. All the Gold found on Earth was brought to us by an asteroid collision that occurred millions of years ago. So unless another asteroid of Gold decides to bump into Earth, we have a limited quantity available!

Traditionally, Gold has been used in its yellow form in either 22kt or 18kt (for increased strength) to make fine jewellery. But with evolving tastes, increasing innovation, and maturing craftsmanship, Gold finds expression in several colours and textures. The yellow tones remain the most popular, but the platinum like hues of white gold and the faint blush of rose gold is rapidly gaining popularity. And if the choice in colours is not exciting enough, the possible gold texture that one can create the whole jewellery design game exciting. With customisation and bespoke jewellery being Gehna's focus, here is a lowdown on all the textural options available to create your exquisite, one of a kind piece.

The metal used in gold earrings has to be comfortable and durable, but every jewellery manufacturing is looking for a way to cut those costs, and the metal often suffers as a result. After all, a gemstone earring is always going to go for more than a simple manmade stone, no matter what metal is backing it. As a result, some turn to options like nickel, surgical steel, and even aluminium to back their earrings. While they all fit the bill for durability, they not only make the jewellery less valuable, but they can also cause problems for many earring wearers. As a result, going with metals like gold that very rarely cause allergies is an absolute must. Buying earrings backed with gold or platinum may mean you never worry about an allergic reaction. Keeping allergic reactions at bay certainly isn't the only reason to consider gold earrings though. There are a number of other reasons as well.

Value: Choosing precious metals means selecting jewellery that will retain its value well into the next century. If you plan to wear those earrings repeatedly, you'll certainly want the value of gold your ears, as it's an actual metal, not simply something invented in a lab. What's more, though, is that gold earrings can easily turn into a valuable heirloom piece you can hand down to appreciative children or grandchildren in the next generation.

Beauty: Today's best jewellers tend to work with precious metals like gold more than they do any other metal thanks to the higher lustre and natural beauty they present. You'll rarely find top-of-the-line jewellers using something less than a precious metal.

Durability: Choosing a non-precious metal for your earrings means just one thing - you certainly won't be able to appreciate that pair very long. You may get a few good parties out of those beautiful earrings, but will they be there in a decade? In two decades? Absolutely not. Only a choice like gold will be able to last as long as you want to wear them.

Well, wearing earrings, as several thought and still think, isn't just confined to females. If sparkling studs decorated in several hues may turn an ordinary Jane into a glamor queen then simple yet fashionable hoops or studs may, very amazingly, improve a man's physique. In the past, men's earrings were considered a form of art. This is very evident in the nineteenth century engraved pictures of men with earrings, especially of Persian descent, displayed on palace walls. In other areas as well including India and Egypt religious leaders, kings and pharaohs correspondingly were seen displaying men's earrings. Earrings for males were also popular in Assyria and Babylonia for the aim of indicating their status in society.
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