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The Pious Gold Jewellery and Its Magic

Humans have been decorating themselves with gold since at least 4000 B.C., according to the National Mining Association. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs, gold appears throughout the ancient world. The famous saying goes, "old is gold" which clearly suggests that gold is something everybody treasures till date. Gold is as beautiful as it can get.
Gold jewellery is best suited for weddings where it is not just worn but used as gifts too. Indian culture has carried on the primitive tradition of purchasing gold for festivals and occasions where weddings tops the list. Now, with the option of buying gold jewellery online has made it lot easier for the customers to choose among from a variety of gold jewellery spread out. The usual traffic at the stores where waiting in the queue for gold shopping must be quite tiring enough, so the idea of online gold jewellery shopping is a time saver and a hassle free process.

Why are we fond of gold? Why is the demand for gold so high and is always a prized possession? Because, the precious metal gold can be beautifully shaped into anything according to our taste and fashion sense and also it is considered as an investment or a secondary bank balance as we are all familiar with its value. People value gold, also because of its history where it was used as a source of money and jewellery plus, gold metal is quite different and contains some rare properties compared to other common metals.

At Dianoor, we understand the changing needs of a woman and offers stunningly crafted gold ornaments to suit the taste of all jewellery lovers. Our beautiful jewellery collection offers varied range of gold jewellery from gold rings to gold bangles. Every jewellery piece is beautifully designed to suit any mood and occasion of the wearer.

If you are wondering about the authenticity of our gold, then you should not to worry because our all gold jewellery ornaments is hallmarked by BIS, which is known as the highest authority in India for judging quality of the metal. Each of our 22kt gold jewellery ornaments boasts of 916 hallmark certification. Our extensive array of ethnic gold jewellery and stunning diamond jewellery is available with the authenticated standards of purity and fineness in gold. We are BIS license holder for selling gold jewellery so we are renowned for maintaining purity in our hallmarked gold and diamond jewellery. A lifetime return or exchange policy for all the gold jewellery is guaranteed to assure you the quality standards. So, you can buy gold jewellery online from Dianoor without worrying about the authenticity of gold.

For the most exquisite and wide selection of gold jewellery, Dianoor is a India's leading online jewellery store that provides stunning jewellery products and at the same time guarantees the ultimate quality and service at the most competitive prices. We assure you the benefits of lower costs and dedicated services.
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