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Gold Jewellery

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Showing 375 Designs
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Enticing Gold jewellery at Dinoor!

From all the gold extracted from the mines all over the world, it is estimated that almost 50% is used to make jewellery while rest of it used as the investment and industries purposes. One can't deny that gold is the most used metal for the jewellery making over the world, especially in India, where using gold has its significance and benefits according to various cultural beliefs. In our country, gold is the metal of gods and royalty. Not only in jewellery, but the colour gold itself also represents a sentimental value to Indians and widely used in garments like elaborated embellished gold chunnis or golden laces especially worn on festive occasions.

Gold jewellery has always been considered auspicious according to various religious texts in India. On the occasions like welcoming a new bride or celebrations for the newborn, or for that matter celebrating a festival of Goddess Lakshmi, gold jewellery is bought and gifted to the celebrated one. Not only it is considered lucky to buy gold, but it also proves to be an excellent investment in this economic world. To say the least, gold lies in the deep roots of the Indian culture; any happy occasion is incomplete without it.

Gold jewellery in modern times

Though one has to agree that wearing gold on a daily basis is almost becoming obsolete in the contemporary times, however, it is not deniable either that love for gold jewellery has not reached to its end, especially for southern states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Just like in old times, alluring gold jewellery is still a favourite ornament of average typical Indian women. While in today's times, women choose to wear heavy gold jewellery on weddings or traditional occasions only, light gold ornaments are still topping the list of favourite ornaments.

Gold neck pieces, gold rings, gold pendants, gold earrings and what not, is heavily getting bought and sold in both local and online markets. From exotic Kundan gold jewellery to pearl gold jewellery, diamond studded gold pieces to extraordinary gemstones engraved ornaments, solitaire rings to traditional bangles, anything to everything, is available in gold jewellery in Indian markets. The biggies of the much-followed fashion world are seen to infuse gold with their much 'modern' garments and dresses and accessorise them with inspirational gold jewellery. Even ornaments like mangalsutras, tanmaniya and men accessories are widely made of gold.

Things you must check before buying gold jewellery

While buying gold jewellery, few essential things must be considered which are as follows:
. You need to consider the purity of the gold - higher the carat, more expensive is the jewellery and more extravagant in its looks.
. Since gold for jewellery cannot be used as it is and has to be combined with other metals like zinc, copper, silver, zinc, etc. Therefore, with different metals, it takes up different colour like, white gold, rose gold, green gold, etc.
. You should also know the type of gold coating is done on the jewellery by looking for the 'quality stamp'.

Widest Collection at Dinoor

We, at Dianoor, offer you exclusive designs of gold jewellery which not only makes you feel grand and royal but also creates an everlasting impact on the looker's mind. Our designs are inspired from everyday life and are a perfect combination of modern and traditional times. The best part of buying at Dianoor is that you can avail various discounts along with significant saving on the making charges of the jewellery. With Dianoor, you can now buy elegant gold jewellery at the most affordable prices at the comfort of your home.
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