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Serra Diamond Earrings for Women
Serra Diamond Earrings for Women
Serra Diamond Earrings for Women
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  • Product Details
    • Product codeJDE00116
    • Height14.40 mm
    • Width04.80 mm
    • Metal Purity18kt yellow Gold
    • Approx. Metal Weight2.80 gms
  • Diamond Details
      Diamond TypeSetting TypeTotal NoTotal Weight
      IJ-SI (Round)Prong160.21 ct
  • Price Breakup
      18kt yellow Gold 2418/gm2.80 gms 6770
      IJ-SI (Round) - 16 Nos. 61000/ct0.21 ct 12810
      Making Charges 1820
      Sub Total
      Discount - 10%
      Grand Total 19,838
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