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Showing 419 Designs
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The Charisma of Earrings

Ladies are very fond of designer earrings that go well with each dress they choose. Earrings are an inevitable accessory in every woman's jewellery box. It not only increases your charm but is also mesmerizing to the eyes. At Dianoor we have various earrings styles from studs to chand bali which match with every face size and shape. We at Dianoor bring to your notice the modern version of all these earrings and more. Bold and beautiful collection at Dianoor ensures that you get the best because earrings play a starring role; they not only complete the outfit, but also draw attention to your face and hair.

Studs: The stud earrings is the ultimate staple piece of jewellery which never go out of fashion. These type of earrings are a must have because it match with every face size and shape. We know if you have your ears pierced you can totally get stuck with some average stud earrings, but check out our range for something a bit different and totally stylish of course. From bling to basic, novelty or classic, supe up your collection for some serious style.

Drops: Drop earrings are trending to be the hottest new accessory, which stylishly lies somewhere between the shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings and subtle studs, for the fashion forward. Light weight earrings are the best to carry without any problem. Bold and beautiful collection at Dianoor ensures that you get the best.

Hoops: Hoops have been our all time favourite version of accessories. Casual yet classy hoops give you an attractive touch. Subtle patterns will allow you to carry them well with traditional as well as modern outfits. Hoop earrings give the appearance of weight and add a curvaceous dimension to the sides of your face. If you have a long face with long hair, the round hoop styles will add dimension and balance it all nicely.

Balis: Balis are what girls tend to wear as soon as they get piercing done. Balis have always been our traditional earrings. Be it any family occasion, balis are something you can't get enough of. At Dianoor we have balis which are stunningly perfect to enhance your appearance and your natural beauty. From simple designs to complex ones we have it all in affordable range.

Jhumkas: Be it mughal women or our bollywood stars, jhumkas are something which have been worn by women of all eras. The dome shape of jhumkas give them resemblance with temples and mosques which connects us deeper to our culture. A Jhumka has the special ability to complete all types of ethnic outfits effortlessly. Jhumkas are the best accessories to enhance your femininity.

Chand Bali: Chand Balis are symmetrically crafted half round earrings which have intricate pattern, mostly following the ornament style of ancient India. These vintage patterned earrings are always suitable to go with ethnic outfits. We put the best craftsmen into making of these delicate pieces of chand bali and the results are a boon for us as well as for you. Try these chand bali from our online jewellery store and look astonishing in every event you wear them to.
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