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Showing 517 Designs
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Get your perfect pair of earrings at Dianoor

Perhaps, one can say that ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification. Gold and silver earrings are one of the common kinds of metal accessories that both men and women wear. Wearing earrings have not only been a fashion statement, but it has its reasons and significance in many different cultures. Even science says that wearing earrings has an acupuncture effect on the body. Gemstones are added on earrings for their therapeutic benefits. In ancient times, having ears pierced is a remedy to treat menstrual problems and increase fertility.

Earrings for all occasions

Over the years, earring has evolved as a big-time fashion statement. On the one hand, it is mainly worn by women through the ages, while on the other, in so many cultures, men are also seen adorning gold stud earrings. An earring has always been an important part of a woman's accessories. From any important occasions to the casual outing, earrings are always the part of woman's attire. It adds to the charm and further beautifies the complete look. Heavy drop earrings to light single studded earrings, pearl earrings to gemstone engraved earrings, Jhumkas to Chaand balis and so on, the categories have no limit. In the recent times, there is an increase in demand of light weight gold earrings and diamond earrings. It is assumed to be much cheaper and convenient to carry in causal day lifestyle.However, on the occasions like marriages and festivals, people still choose to wear traditional pure gold earrings. In India, the women prefer buying gold and diamond jewellery over artificial ones. Buying gold, diamond, platinum earrings as an investment, is one of the many reasons for choosing pure gold jewellery. For traditional Indian women, wearing earrings is an intrinsic part of the Indian culture and a sign of their womanhood. One can observe that many married women wear simple gold earrings daily. In the modern lifestyle, young girls have always accepted the culture of earrings and modernized it wearing with t-shirts and jeans.

Recent fashion trends

As people are keen to be updated and be in fashion, it is often the case when a small trend becomes a huge fashion statement. The ear cuff is one such example. Girls of different ages love the funky style of ear cuffs and how it is something different from the same old pair of earrings. However, ear cuff has always been part of the Indian culture and known as "Kaan fool". In the same way, along with new age stylish earring, girls are also inclined to buying traditional Chandbalis and Jhumkas. It adds the atheistic factor to the entire garment. As fashion market responding to the demands and expectations of the customers, designers are creating some exclusive and interesting earrings in all kinds of metal forms. One can find both ionized metal and gold Jhumkas in the market.

Earring Collection at Dianoor

With the understanding of latest trends and consumers demands, Dianoor is one brand that is offering you some exclusive and creative designs. We are delivering a wide range of earrings in pure gold, yellow gold, white gold, solitaires and much more. From classic drop pieces to latest Chaand balis, you can buy latest fashion trends right at your home. We give you 100 percent guarantee of the quality and purity of the jewellery pieces. From casual wear earrings to the party wearing earrings, Dianoor is offering you fine quality of jewellery within your budget. You can choose from a wide variety of our collection according to your personality. Our payment options are also secure and authentic for an easy online transaction. Then why stop yourself from flaunting your amazing fashion taste when you some exciting jewellery is just one click away.
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