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Diamond Rings

Showing 364 Designs
Showing 364 Designs
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Get your perfect Diamond Ring at Dianoor

Any love confession would be incomplete without your token of your love and what could be better than a diamond ring for your lady love. Without a solitaire could melt anyone's heart. As diamond symbolizes eternal love and purity, you can show your love by presenting diamond jewellery and can win anyone's heart. Since ancient times, diamond has been considered a precious gem and a mark of status. Often refers to "Kings of Gems", diamond has a long history, and the earliest diamond was found in India in the 4th century BC.

Diamonds engraved in rings has its charm and elegance. Diamonds of different cuts, clarity, colour and carat decides the price of the particular ring. While the solitaire ring is one of the most favorites among women, motif rings have been worn by different ages of women. Heavy motifs and diamond studded rings are usually worn on special occasions and parties. Over the years, according to the demands and lifestyle, there are the diamond ring which does not have not over top look and easy to carry along with every garment. For instance, many of the women are office going ladies choose to wear light yet elegant rings which also suits their taste.

Diamond Rings for special occasions

When it comes to the most important moments of one's life, it has to be perfect in every which way and presenting a diamond ring will make the moments more memorable. While proposing to your loved one or when exchanging the rings as a token of your commitment to each other, a diamond ring makes the moment the most romantic. Diamond studded engagement rings for both men and women are quite popular in the market. Wedding bands or also known as 'love bands' is a simple metal band having intricate designing with small diamonds are also alluring the couples in the recent years. Elegant and stylish diamond rings that perfect for cocktail parties.

Gift one to your loved one

A diamond ring is a perfect gift to show your care and affection to your loved one. One can gift a beautiful diamond ring on someone's birthday, especially when it's a milestone birthday. What could make that person feel more special except the beautifully crafted diamond ring? A simple diamond ring with simple detailing would be the perfect choice to gift someone on their birthday. Important dates like wedding anniversary are the day that one can never forget. To revive your vows and love again in your married life, a couple can exchange a diamond ring on their marriage anniversary to make it more special. On childbirth, gifting a diamond ring would be an everyday reminder of your love.

Collection of diamond rings at Dianoor

Offering latest trends of diamond rings, Dianoor is the best place to shop your expensive jewellery pieces. We have an exclusive range of diamond rings for every occasion. From charming solitaire ring to traditional diamond studded motifs rings. Whether you want a causal ring or cocktail ring, you don't need to work around to look for it. You can buy your perfect by just one click. At Dianoor, we will provide the authentic certification which proves the quality of the ornaments. As our special offer, we don't charge making expenses which enable you to buy your desired ring within your limited budget.

We had to make sure that your transaction should be convenient and hassle-free. That is why you can choose from different payment options which suit you the most. We aim to make your jewellery experience a joyful one without any travelling worries. So, don't wait and quickly buy an elegant and beautiful ring for your dear one.
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