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Diamond Earrings

Showing 288 Designs
Showing 288 Designs
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Say Yes To Diamond Earrings!

As they say 'Diamonds Are Forever' Let's delve deeper into the world of diamond earrings. Diamonds are considered the rarest of jewellery pieces one can own. Because of the rarity and their elegant style, diamonds have always been the most sought after jewellery items. Dianoor understands diamonds like no one else does. Our diamonds earrings come in every shape and size and are perfect for every occasion. We make extra efforts to showcase only the best quality and latest earings on our online jewellery store.

Significance of diamonds

Diamonds represent love, innocence and purity. They are also the symbol of power and strength. Diamond is considered as one of the strongest element present on planet earth. Hence the equivalence with strength and longevity. Diamond jewellery is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it an engagement gift or just a casual appreciation gift. Diamonds are known to make any occasion more special and love-filled. In India, earrings hold an extremely special place in the life of a girl. In our culture, we wear different types of earrings depending on the occasion and the dress styles. Let's find out about the different types of earring you can opt for to increase your style quotient.

Diamonds Balis

Diamond Balis are the most popular style in diamond earrings segment. At Dinoor, you can shop for stylish and high quality Balis at really affordable costs. We offer a huge range diamond Balis crafted in 18k gold, which are perfect to add a shine to your stunning outfit. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your style with a stunning pair of diamond Balis from Dianoor. You are sure to find the one you are looking for.

Chand Balis

Chand Balis are the newest kid on the block. Breaking away from the traditional design patterns, Chand Balis are inspired from the different shapes of the Moon. Diamond earrings have found an elegant cousin in the form of Chand Balis. Be a little different and leave everyone guessing about your graceful Chand Balis. Shop for your favourite ones.


Jhumkas are considered a must-have in any girl's wardrobe. Any traditional Indian outfit is incomplete without a stylish and matching pair of Diamond Jhumkas. During wedding festivities in India, jhumkas are the holy grail in the realm of jewellery and outfits. It is impossible to imagine a wedding Lehenga with matching Diamond Jhumkas. Apart from the looks and design, we also give special emphasis to the quality and finishing of all our jewellery pieces. At Dianoor, find your favourite diamond Jhumkas at affordable prices.


Diamond Studs are one piece of jewellery wore both my men and women. This dual applicability is what makes Studs different from other diamond jewellery. Diamond Studs look good on everyone from young girls to grandmothers. This is the beauty of Studs that they can be styled with basically any outfit and are ideal for any kind of occasion, from casual outting to a formal office look. We, at Dianoor, offer a really big collection of studs, from affordable everyday pieces to custom-made artistic designs. On our site, there are hundreds of designs to choose from and Studs form a big chunk of it. Go choose your style partner today.

An online shop that can fulfill all your jewellery needs, Dianoor, offers you a wide range of diamond earrings. Not only you can buy beautiful diamond earrings for your, but it is also a great gift for your lady love. For easy and convenient jewellery, we have multiple payment gateways that are highly secured. You can even avail various discounts if you purchase diamond jewellery at Dianoor.
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