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Diamond Earrings Showing 244 Designs

Showing 244 Designs
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Finish of a Diamond Earrings

Before a young girl ever begins her search for a stylish pair of diamond earrings, she must first decide to wear earrings. Some girls have elected to have pierced ears. They wear some sort of earring every day. Other girls have the option of either putting on a pair of earrings or of doing without them.
A woman of any age should be aware of the extent to which a single pair of diamond earrings can help to dress-up the face. Earrings can supplement the function of make-up on the face. Every woman's must have accessory, the earring has long been a fashion favourite. No matter if it is a simple solitaire earrings or an elegant drop earrings, wearing earrings can boost women's confidence in a matter of minutes. At Dianoor, we strive for perfection in every product of ours. Earrings are the best example of how we add creativity and sophistication together and create masterpieces for all our customers. From studs to jhumkas we have it all in our store to make your outfit look super amazing.

With the busy lives women lead today at work or home, one piece of jewellery is perfectly apt for every woman, a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. A pretty pair of diamond earrings can perfectly compliment to any outfit, at any time or for any occasion and of course works great for every age group. Diamond earrings are also considered timeless and chic and works well with traditional and contemporary wear.

There are many reasons why girls prefer to buy diamond stud earrings. It can be said that girls go for the classical beauty of the earrings in the first place. The studs have managed to retain their almost universal attraction in every generation. Even though the jewellery trend has been continuously changing, the studs were always well liked by the wearers and have managed to be admired by them always. The earrings are known for its brightness, color and clarity. The studs have so much of versatility that it would look wonderful on woman in the office as well as woman who is a home maker.

People who like diamond studs have found one more reason to admire the jewellery. The studs have magnificent design agility and allow the wearers to design their own personal earrings. The appearance of the studs can be personalized by making them in 18k, 14k and platinum metals coordinated with princess cut or round cut diamond. You can make an exceptional earring by selecting a 4-prong round stud, bezel stud posts, 6-prong coronet or any other modern style. Such earrings would also be very unique.

Buying diamond earrings or diamond jewellery for that matter - requires a bit of research and putting your diamond knowledge to the test. Not many women have a basic understanding in how one evaluates a diamond. A pair of crystal stud earrings (next to pearl stud earrings) are a must in any woman's wardrobe. They keep you covered on all of those inevitable occasions throughout one's lifetime - from weddings to birthday bashes - and when you want to add that subtle sparkle to your outfit without looking like a diva. And they're excellent as gifts!
Buy your first crystal stud earrings in clear crystal. It's classy and versatile - it goes with absolutely any outfit - from day to evening, casual to formal, simple or glamorous style. They add that little hint of luxury without looking like you're trying too hard. Also consider securing them in a neutral shape such as round, or square (also known as 'Princess'). These two shapes also offer some of the best brilliance.

What type of quality you can get depends on how much you're willing to invest in the diamond earrings. If you want to work within a preferred affordable price range - here are some basics on how to calculate the quality of diamonds you'll get:

In general, some of the affordable diamonds with a reasonable quality are at a Rs.60,000 - 70,000 / ct. price level but at tiny sizes between 1/10 to 1/3 carat weight. They usually have a couple of "flaws" (that's why they're cheaper) but they're pretty much invisible to the the eye so this isn't something you should worry about.
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