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Diamond Jewellery

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Showing 1192 Designs
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Buy elegant diamond jewellery at Dianoor

As the famous saying goes that diamond is a girl's best friend. Diamond has all the ability to allure anyone. A diamond is a rock that symbolizes pure, eternal love. It's a crystal of light and popularly used in jewellery pieces and wore by both men and women. Wearing diamond jewellery is also a mark of status and assumed to depict your classy taste in accessory. Discovered some thousand years ago, diamonds have been engraved in the gold and silver ornaments to enhance the beauty. Majestic and grand in its structure, diamond is often referred as 'King of Gems'.

Types of Diamonds

Over the years, the craze for buying diamond has increased among different strata of society. As there are different types of diamonds available in the market, their prices also vary according to the standards. Also, the cut or shape of the diamond is another important mark of the fine quality of jewellery. The most popular diamond is round 'brilliant cut' diamond which brings out the most fire and sparkle of all diamonds. Apart from the Brilliant cut, there is Princess cut, Heart-shaped cut, Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Cushion cut, Radiant cut, Oval cut and Marquise cut. Without a doubt, diamond jewellery is an epitome of timelessness and charm.

While it is assumed that only elitist is capable of wearing of diamond jewellery, in the recent years, middle-class people are also buying low carat diamonds in great number. Diamond's price is determined by 4C's - Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut. Fancy yellow colour diamond is the most occurring rock in nature and is relatively affordable diamonds. Red diamonds are the most expensive ones in the market. Another factor that impacts the prices of a diamond is the clarity. Flawless diamond or IF-FL grade is the excellent quality of diamond while I1 or included clarity diamonds comes at the end of the classification. The weight of the diamond is one of the essential factors in deciding the price of the rock. Calculated in carats, the heavier the diamond is, the more money you have to pay.

Elegant Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is expensive among the others. The quality and quantity of the diamonds carve into the ornaments as well as the metal (gold, silver, platinum) used for jewellery making are important factors while buying diamond jewellery. One has to consider the above-mentioned classification of the diamonds as such which is engraved in ornaments. A solitaire is one of the most popular jewellery pieces in the market. Diamond ring or diamond earrings are something one can afford for special occasions like buying it as a wedding ring. Diamonds are not only restricted to the necklaces and earrings but also, diamond mangalsutra and diamond pendant sets are also in trends. Gold Tanmaniyas is one ornament that no one can ignore studded with diamonds and motifs.

Diamond Jewellery at Dianoor

Offering widest range of diamond jewellery, Dianoor is one stop station for all the latest jewellery trends. You can buy original and certified diamond jewellery without any hassle at Dinoor. We are an online shop for all your jewellery needs. From the diamond necklaces to diamond Tanmaniyas, you can choose from all the latest trends. We are selling sophisticated yet elegant jewellery pieces within your desired budget. Dianoor is one of the best and trustable online jewellery brands. We aim to provide you excellent quality of jewellery with a combination of both modern and traditional designing. You can buy casual, office wear and party wearing jewellery at the best prices. Different payment options to choose from, we want you to have a satisfying experience.
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