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Diamond Jewellery that speaks your heart out

Diamond jewellery is among the most popular forms of jewellery. Commonly associated with romance, jewellery featuring diamonds is appreciated for its brilliance, style and meaning. Despite diamond jewellery's popularity and constant presence in our society, picking the right piece is not as simple as what many might assume. Confronted with the nuances of contemporary styles and budgeting, not to mention personal tastes, it's no wonder how diamond jewellery shoppers can feel overwhelmed when trying to find that perfect set of wedding bands, a diamond ring or diamond bracelet.

Jewellery that we wear in today's time is way too different from what people used to wear in yester years. People of Stone Age wore jewellery to keep evil spirits away. Our history clearly shows that jewellery was also used to attract opposite sex. Both male and female wore crafted jewellery, made from whatever they found. Everything like stones, tree barks, bones of dead animals all were believed to be used for making jewellery.

India is known for creating beautiful wearable gold and diamond jewellery. India has long and royal history when it comes to ornaments. Diamonds were mined in India and dates back to more than 6000 years. It is one of the reasons that India was once called the golden bird. Diamonds were first found along the rivers of Andhra Pradesh that is Penna, Krishna and Godavari.

India's abundance in rich minerals attracted the Mughal and British to it. Alexander the Great also invaded India in his quest to conquer the world and took many diamonds and precious gems from India to Europe. This incident started the diamond trading industry for India.

Diamonds always had high astrological significance. Our Indian mythology states that diamond is believed to have healing abilities as well. They are so hard that they were used as engraving tools from time immemorial. Diamonds in ancient time were called Vajra, which transliterates to Thunderbolt in Sanskrit.

The diamond's rarity, beauty, and strength make it a fitting symbol of the resilience and longevity of marriage. In addition to engagement rings, diamonds are traditionally given as gifts to commemorate the milestone of the sixtieth anniversary. With their rich history, sense of permanence, and lustrous brilliance, diamonds are a natural choice to signify a lasting union.

The Charm of Dianoor's Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are forever and so are jewels from Dianoor. Eternal beauty of these carefully cut stones reflects in each accessory that we create with them. To help you with all the problems and queries related to diamond jewellery we at Dianoor comes with an amazing and dazzling collection which is designed very strikingly and uniquely by our designers to get the best look. We have Diamond jewellery for every event with the appealing patterns and designs of diamond rings to diamond earrings. Our all jewellery is unbreakable and has super shiny stones which are hard to resist and we make sure you'll come back for more.
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