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Bracelets Showing 44 Designs

Showing 44 Designs
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Bracelets are sleek and captivating. Not just pretty looking but they are also sophistication done just right. Bracelets are worn by girls and ladies both. It is always a good idea to pair it up with a watch in another hand. Not too hefty, they are easy to carry and wear. At Dianoor we have two kinds of bracelets; casual and classic bracelets. Some are gold chains and others sleek bands. Try them out now to know what we are talking about.

Casual Bracelets - Casual bracelets infuse a subtle tinge of grace and charm to your look. With a watch in one hand and a crafty bracelet in another is a sure hit.

Classic Bracelets - With stones of every colour, classic bracelet collection at Dianoor helps you to create a bold statement with a contemporary manner. We love how you decide to match jewellery with every outfit of yours and thus we strive to bring all your favourite colours in the best patterns.
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