Somebody has truly said, “jewellery and women go hand in hand”. Jewelleries are the first love of most of the women. In India, jewellery is not just a piece of metal for the purpose of adoration. But it has its own significance culturally and culturally each and every types of jewellery is worn by Indian women has its own significance. Jewellery is considered auspicious for women. So, even the poorest of poor women will have her own jewellery set. Jewellery also serves the purpose of insurance. This is because it is often expensive and can be sold whenever there is dire need of money.

Traditionally, jewellery has always been linked with wealth, power and status. Types of jewelleries and designs are so versatile in India that they vary from state to state. If some jewelleries is popular in one state, it might not necessarily be popular in another state.

Types of jewelleries famous in various states of India:

⦁ Jewellery of Rajasthan

Jewelleries of RajasthanRajasthani is very popular among Indian women these days. Because of its royal, colourful and vibrant design. Rajasthani types of jewellery is the reflection of  the age-old customs and traditional wear. They also reflects  the creativity and the innovative aesthetic sense of the Indian jewellers and craftsmen.

Lac bangles are usually worn in sets of odd numbers on each hand. They display tremendous variety in style and design. An ideal set includes 17 bangles worn on the upper arm and nine on the lower arm, a total of 52 on both arms.

One of the most popular is hansuli – a solid silver torque of hollow construction resting on the collar bone.
The jadau jewellery is popular in Rajasthan and Gujrat. In this type of jewellery different kinds of gems, like pearl, sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald, etc. Are embedded in melted gold with Polki (an uncut form of diamond) as a centre stone to give it a stunning look and design.

⦁ Jewellery of Uttrakhand

Jewelleries of UttrakhandDevbhoomi “Uttrakhand” has a unique design of jewellery which has been successful in maintaining its integrity over number of  years. There are some common jewelleries which are mandatory for each and every married woman irrespective whether she is rich or poor.

These are “Mangalsutra”, “Nath”, “Guloband”, “Jhumke”, “Pauji” and “Mangtika”.
Guloband is a neckpiece made of gold which is tightly attached to the neck.
Mangalsutra is necklace worn by married women.
Nath is a big nose ring which represents  the richness and  status of the family.
Pauji are the bracelets made gold. They also the represents the status of the family.


⦁ Jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir

Jewelleries of Jammu and KashmirWomen of Jammu and Kashmir are renowned for their beauty in India.
The jewellery of Kashmir is famous for its design and very minutely worked. The Kashmiri jewellers seem to have had nature as their model in most ornaments.
Ornaments in Kashmir are generally made of gold and silver.
The technique of making jewellery is old and traditional. It has a unique and beautiful style which is difficult to copy.
The typical ornament that Hindu women wear is the dejharoo, is a pair of gold pendants, hanging on a silk thread or gold chain which passes through holes in the ears pieced at the top end of the lobes.
Women in Jammu and Kashmir wear huge circular ear rings locally called kundalas, large anklets called nupura while in the Rajouri region a silver cap known as chaunk phool is worn on the head under the veil.

⦁ Jewellery Of Assam

Jewelleries of AssamAlong with greenery and  wildlife, Assam is also famous for its jewellery-making. This Types of jewellery is worn on occasions such as marriages and bihu. Jorhat is the main hub of manufacturing of Assamese jewellery design.
Loka Paro is inspired by the pigeons. The pendant has two pigeons sitting back to back and is attached to a string containing gold beads.
Jonbiri (Half Moon Pendant) is the traditional Assam jewellery made by hand and is inspired by musical instruments, nature and household goods of Assam.
Thuriya (Earrings) are gold earrings worn largely by older Assamese women and are notable for a special studded gem stone.
Gamkharu are Large bangle with clasp, gamkharu is made in silver with gold polish.

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