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Online Jewellery Shopping India

Jewellery is said to be women's best friend! There are little myth and lot of reality in that saying. This is because; men too are fascinated by jewellery though they are more smitten by sleek items. What if you get a chance to buy gold and diamond jewellery right from your home? Yes, it is all about online jewellery shopping and Dianoor has brought an extensive range of gold and diamond jewellery that are striking in designs and high on quality.

Dianoor, since their opening a wing online, has been determined to give ultra comfort and extremely enjoyable shopping experience for prices that are easier to afford. They are poised to make your every day special with their wider range of diamond and gold jewellery items that score high on creativity and quality. Dianoor offers an extensive and increasing variety of plush jewelleries right from rings, earrings, pendants to necklaces and bangles. They bring timeless collection of jewelleries that are painstakingly crafted and feature the right blend of trendy touch and traditional aura.


A ring is the most symbolic piece of jewellery, especially with its ties to love, commitment and marriage. Rings come in all different types of precious metals, styles and designs, making them the ideal accessory and the perfect gift for anyone.
Diamond Rings/Gold Rings/Gemstone Rings/Solitaire Rings/Engagement Rings/Wedding Bands


Let your ears sparkle with our amazing selection of beautiful earrings at Dianoor. Our earrings come in an array of different styles with your favorite precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.
Diamond Earrings/Gold Earrings/Drops Earrings/Hoops Earrings/Jhumkas Earrings/Chand Bali Bands


Wearing a simple pendant can instantly brighten up your look. Adding an elegant pendant on a thin gold chain can accentuate your outfit just the right amount.
Diamond Pendants/Gold Pendants/Solitaire Pendants/Casual Pendants/Initial Pendants

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